Beautiful office spaces work wonders when courting new clients or impressing investors. But innovative workspaces play another vital role in corporate ecosystems which is attracting and keeping talent.

When your favorite candidates for your open positions walk into your workspace, they will immediately judge the environment. And once a candidate is hired, a well-designed office can dramatically improve employee innovation, morale, and even retention.

unnamed unnamedMany companies use reclaimed space to create diverse work environments that employees love, allowing them to have more flexibility in where they work, think, create, and engage with colleagues.

When it comes to collaboration, one size does not fit all. Creating spaces that suit your company’s collaborative needs are important.
Once upon a time, “collaboration” in the office happened at the water cooler. Soon whiteboards, a rolling office chair, and a coffee pot began to appear. What appeared as relaxing and not working to some became a whole new way to work, collaboratively.

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