Inspired Office Spaces Create Confidence

Office design and space planning are directly linked to creativity and confidence which in turn offers pride and productivity for the individual.

On Purpose

Thank you for considering our proposal. To help you make an inspired decision about purchasing the best office furniture for your needs and budget, I’ve included a few notes about price, quality, ergonomics, after-sales service, and supplier expertise that you may find helpful.

Compare Apples to Apples.

Just as all furnishings are not manufactured the same, office furniture suppliers also bring different levels of experience and expertise to a project. We urge you to weigh each proposal on its own merits and compare things like product quality and price against items that are proportionally the same.

Choose the Right Product for Your Needs. Good furniture is not only cost-effective and comfortable; it’s also productive. We’ll help you assess your ergonomic needs – how long will your new furniture be used during the workday? Will it be stationary, or will it move? Should the chairs be height-adjustable?

The more thought you give to your budget and your employee’s needs, the greater the prospect of making the right decision.

Quality & Price.

Quality doesn’t always mean ‘more expensive.’ It may also mean that value is delivered over longer periods. While lower-priced furniture may save you money in the short run, repairs, and replacements caused by inferior quality could quickly cancel out any cost benefit.

Benefit from Our Experience & Expertise.

We are a locally owned and operated company and we take pride in our product and industry knowledge.

We listen and we take time to get to know your company before we make recommendations. In other words, we care as much about your success as we do our own.

We Offer True After Sales Service. When you deal with Inspired Business Interiors, you’re entering a business relationship with the owners of the company. Your concerns are our concerns and we pledge to provide ongoing service that meets, and hopefully exceeds, your expectations.

Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else (it’s been proven that on average, a person spends 5.7 hours sitting in an office chair). One study shows that 86% of office workers are uncomfortable and that 50% of them blame their chairs for their discomfort. These are numbers you need to keep in mind when deciding because a comfortable workspace is also a productive one.
Inspired Business Interiors Inc.

Focused and Engaged

We have been serving satisfied long-term customers. Check us out.

In today’s business environment, no company can afford a high turnover rate. With a tight labor market and competition for talent at an all-time high, employee retention has become a mission-critical goal. Of course, the only way to retain employees is to keep them happy, and that’s where employee engagement comes in.

Providing an office environment that allows employees to concentrate on their work goes a long way towards increasing their performance, and their satisfaction with their work.


office furniture Winnipeg

office furniture Winnipeg