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At Inspired Business Interiors, the health and safety of our staff, customers and community are of the utmost importance. We have implemented the best health practices and are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation.

We are open for business and are offering virtual consultations and rendered drawings as needed. Additionally, we've worked with our suppliers to offer great promotions on work home stations that ship in 48 hours as well as emergency response furniture.

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Impove “Social Distancing” the easy way by adding stack on panels to your existing work stations. Available in different materials and sizes.
Having face to face meetings with colleagues and clients is a vital part of the workplace.
Freestandig is an ideependent structure expressed through a soft and approachable form with generous arc on the lower side to lend a sence of ligthness.

Redifined workplaces with thoughful design for the safety of your staff and clients.
Visitor Shield for those important face to face meetings where you get to keep your transaction top to be usable surface.
Just the right amount of space for quick meetings.
Minimalist first impressions gallery
Let us help you retrofit your existing space or create a new one. Call us for a free consultation!
At Inspired Business Interiors Inc., we thrive to ask the right questions, learn and listen to our customers request and source the right products at the right price.

We offer space planning rendered layouts to help you visualize your new space. We look after delivery, installation and the manufacturers warranty.

New Trend Blog

We've got the inspiration and furniture lines to create a work space that works. Call us for a free consultation to find out how you can spice up your workspace. What's New Soundproof pods, saddle-shaped chairs, adjustable-height desks, wobble boards are in, as...

New Products

Hello, Friends!What's New If you’re ready to outfit your office with the modern furniture and accessories that your employees deserve, we can help. When you contact us for your free consultation, you’ll learn more about our customized designs and how they can impact...

Bluring the line between Indoors and Out!

Outdoor green spaces can play an important role in occupant health. Research has shown that contact with nature can reduce overall stress. As the boundaries between work and the rest of life have blurred, it’s become a matter of both employees’ satisfaction and public...

Color therapy creating an emotional connection

Ever notice how paint colors, textures and fabrics can breathe new life into a space? As work styles and office environments continue to change, workers are increasingly rejecting the sea of sameness in favor of spaces that provide mental and emotional stimulation. A...

The Sweet Spot One room at a time

Focused & EngagedIn today’s business environment, no company can afford a high turnover rate. With a tight labor market and competition for talent at an all-time-high, employee retention has become a mission-critical goal. Of course, the only way to retain...

Introducing the HAG Capisco

HAG Capisco responds intuitively to the body's natural movements and provides unlimited possibilities for variation of the seated posture. The unique shape of the backrest provides perfect support in numerous sitting positions without restricting the ability to move...

Office Makover Ideas

We carry a good variety of contract furniture lines to help! We carry a good variety of contract furniture lines to help...

How office design can help you build the culture you want

People are moving in, around, and out of the office. We no longer need to be at our desk to get our work done. Furniture moves, desks, chairs, and tables are flexible, lightweight, and can be easily reconfigured. The furniture can take on many different functions,...

Humans are designed to move

Humans are designed to move. Millions of years ago we moved and moved often and quickly or we didn’t survive. Even hundreds of years ago humans spent their days moving from one chore to the next moving throughout their day. Movement wasn’t built into life it was life....