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The use of antimicrobial materials in public venues is attracting increased interest as the management of infectious diseases remains top of mind. An impressive array of antimicrobial options used in healthcare settings for years can or have been adapted for use in communal spaces such as hotels and retail environments. While the appeal of such materials is obvious, many in the scientific community have concerns that an over-reliance of antimicrobials will lead to increased resistance.

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On the positive side, using materials that naturally inhibit bacterial growth and are devoid of additives can achieve the same efficacious results without exposing occupants to the risk of pesticides and their bio-accumulative toxicity. Cleanable Surfaces and natural antibacterial source in products like silver copper, brass, and bronze.

Use materials like stone, porcelain, and linoleum.

These materials feature a compact surface that won’t trap mites, mold, and other irritating substances. They are resistant to stain and accept even the most aggressive chemical detergents.

Botanical based extracts found in many essential oils derived from cinnamon, clove, and thyme are the most potent types.
Use these in constable products like cleaners wipes and hand sanitizers.
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