Focused & Engaged

In today’s business environment, no company can afford a high turnover rate. With a tight labor market and competition for talent at an all-time-high, employee retention has become a mission-critical goal. Of course, the only way to retain employees is to keep them happy, and that’s where employee engagement comes in.

These days, much of the attention paid to employee engagement centers around perks, compensation, and recognition programs. That makes sense, as those are all valid avenues within which to promote engagement. Oddly, though, there’s one part of the employee engagement picture that goes almost totally unnoticed – and it can play a decisive role in the success or failure of all other employee engagement efforts – the suitability of the business’s office space.

Private Space

Collaborative environment with open space work and brake out areas

Private office with meeting space for individual attention

Team Collaboration

Private Booth Style Meeting Space

Limited Space Options for Quick Private Meetings

Traditional Private Office

Modern Private Office with Storage Towers

Providing an office environment that allows employees to concentrate on their work goes a long way towards increasing their performance, and their satisfaction with their work. That, in turn, increases employee engagement and helps to create a culture where everyone enjoys coming to work each day. The best news of all is that aside from the initial investment that may be required to retrofit existing facilities, there are no real downsides to speak of. When it comes to employee engagement efforts, it’s as close to a no-brainer as any business manager is ever likely to encounter.
The sweet spot for sustainable design is finding overlapping concepts that enhance building operations, employee health and wellness, and community benefit through environmental stewardship and innovation.

Holistic and sustainable design brings together concepts that are intertwined and lead to a common goal of peak performance, creating an enhanced workplace.

Balance focusing on indoor environmental quality to optimize building performance and enhance employee productivity, attentiveness, and well-being.

Balance of Space Environment & Task Focused

Inside Out Outside In